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Stewart Parallel Robot

Six DOF Stewart Platform motion Simulators

Project Lead

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Amir R. Ali 

Executive Deputy


Eng. Malek Mahmoud 

Project Members

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Eng. Youssef Ibrahim, M.Sc. Student (2021)

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-22 at 9.37.45 PM.jpeg

Mohamed Elbably, B.Sc. (2021)


Mohamed Ibrahim, B.Sc. (2017)

Brief description for the project:

The Stewart Platform is a six degree of freedom parallel manipulator mechanism. The parallel manipulators are mechanical systems with a fixed base plate linked to a mobile plate through kinematic chains. Due to the fact that the Stewart platform is of high precision, high load capacity and high structural stiffness, it is used in many automotive and flight simulators, positioning tables for assembly and robotic applications, and various other applications.The Stewart platform has six re-configurable legs; each has two joints. The upper plate of the platform is coupled with each leg using a ball and socket. In this work the inverse kinematics of the system was driven, a model of the linear actuator driving the system is obtained empirically and different control algorithms are introduced. These algorithms are derived and implemented for the mentioned procedures and some simulation results and plots are presented and discussed. An experiment was conducted to control the Stewart platform using a joystick and LabVIEW sotware.


Challenges of the project:

For further future work, these modifications can be used for improvement: 

  • Implementing simulation codes on MATLAB using Simulink instead of LABVIEW 

  • Improving the path trajectories to be more accurate.  

  • Improving the control methodology using other types of control. 

  • Upgrading the microcontroller to a more suitable one. 

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