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RESEARCH > Opto-Mechatronics Systems, Automation and Sensors Technology

Opto-Mechatronics Systems


One of the main research clusters in the ARAtronics Research Center, is the Opto-Mechatronics Systems which is basically focus into developing a novel micro-optical sensors for enhancing the typical feedback control algorithms. We do exploit the use of light and optical components to be part of the typical ordinary Mechatronics systems in order to be used for the ultra sensitive feedback closed system. 


In this research track, we do care about developing a new control, design, simulation and automation for the typical process that could be converted to work autonomously. Also, we are developing a lot of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to help us developing a new smart technology that could be used for the industry 4.0.  


In this research track, we do a lot of research related to develop a new sensing devices based on the electrical, mechanical and optical sensing elements and its works based on the resonance frequency shifts. Our sensing devices have a very high resolution and that is due to the high quality factor that can reach.

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