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One of the big aims for the ARA​tronics Research Center is to bridge the Gap between the research and the industrial systems. Because of that, we do believe in the collaboration and partnership with the industrial companies, factories and/or even startups. To build a final end products that can make difference for our society to grow and develop using our cutting edge resources from brains and technologies. 


ARA​tronics Research Center is multidisciplinary research group that is mainly working in developing solutions for the problems in research and in several industries. So, if you are one of the following sectors: (industrial companies, factories, startups) who is working in (Automation Systems, Robotics Systems, Internet-of-Things, Structural Health Monitoring, Industrial Sectors, Sensors Technology, Wearable Devices, Haptic Interface and Medical Sectors) and looking for a customized solution and you are believing a bout building a win-win collaboration and a long-lasting partnership with us; you are most welcome to complete this form and select Industrial Collaboration Request. After that our team will be in contact with you.

Our ways of collaboration are different, but all of these ways of collaboration under the win-win for all parties who are contributing on it. the following bullets can give you an idea about the ways and the methods of collaboration:

  • We can apply for a grant as a fund project trying to solve or developing the technology requested from several  organizations similar to the STDF (Science, Technology & Innovation Funding Authority) and the NSF (National Science Foundation).

  • We can have a bilateral collaboration by hosting our smart researchers (Graduates or Undergraduates) to conduct the research and developing the technology requested under a full supervision from the ARAtronics team to fulfill their graduations.

Collaboration with your entity does not mean revealing your industrial secrets on public; we do understand that carefully and because of that we can build this collaboration based on the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). However; that does not mean also avoiding the ARAtronics from making a scientific publications into the reputable journals or conferences. Also, we both can apply for an National or International patent to save the copyright and the intellectual proprieties for the all parties who contributing into developing such technology.


Finally that is the way we do understand to build a long-lasting partnership under the win-win umbrella for all parties who are contributing in. As long as you do believe into that win-win approach but you need to customize our collaboration to fit with your industries; you are most welcome at anytime to complete this form and select Industrial Collaboration Request. After that our team will be in contact with you.

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