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​In the ARAtronics research center we're welcoming all students, engineers, entrepreneurs and visitors. We do believe that our research in the ARAtronics center should be reflected on solving real problems and challenges that people lives. Research for better life; is our vision for what we are doing at the ARAtronics center.  


Us Now

See the GALLERY for all previous visits including the VIP visits, politicians, minsters, German and Egyptian industrial leaders, German elite academics and public figures.

To visit our ARAtronics Research Center in-person located in the C-Building at the German University in Cairo. Select and book in-person visit request then complete the form to receive an email about confirming the time that you can show up in-person to have the tour. Or you may have to explore the ARAtronics Research Center from wherever you are all over the world virtually to see where the smart ideas are cooked. Select and book virtual tour request then complete the form to receive access for the ARAtronics Virtual Tour.

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