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3D plotter based on dual-arm SCARA robot

Project Lead

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Amir R. Ali 

Executive Deputy


Eng. Malek Mahmoud 

Project Members


Khaled Elewa, B.Sc. (2017)

Brief description for the project:

In this project, a prototype of single and double arm SCARA robot was designed. Two design versions were made and the second one was manufactured for many reasons mentioned in details in this thesis. The equation of motion of the robot was derived using Lagrangian method. Two methods were implemented to get forward and inverse kinematics of the robot, analytical method and D-H convention method. LabVIEW program was used to test the forward and inverse kinematics of the robot on the prototype.


Challenges of the project:

For the future work I highly recommend:

  • Making a real SCARA model instead of prototypes putting into consideration all design parameters.

  • Replacing the servo motors with DC motors and start trying different control methods for DC motor position control.

  • Using the equation of motion to get the state space representation and to check the observability and controllability for states related to position control.

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