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LiDAR Sensing Technology

Mechatronics and Electronics seniors are presenting their projects in the LiDAR Sensing Technology. That could fit for the Robotics and Autonomous Applications. Different designs have been presented to use the LiDAR for detecting the distance, obstacle avoidance, temperature, material and pollution.

Applied Science & Robotics Laboratory for Applied-Mechatronics (ARAtronics) is working with the cutting edge research related to the mechatronics, robotics, automation and opto-mechatronics systems. ARAtronics is a multi-disciplinary research center. Our research vision in the ARAtronics center is dedicated to exploit the use of the opto-mechatronics and sensors technology to develop a feasible solutions for the problems in the Mechatronics applications, Robotics and Automation in research and industry.

Check out the research clusters:

Contact info: SHOW LESS

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