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Inauguration of the ARAtronics Research Center

Professor Ashraf Mansour , GUC Prime Founder and Chairman of Board of Trustees celebrated different research activities and research projects during the inauguration of the ARAtronics Research Center. This lab is serving the GUC PhD & students. It serves, as well, the bachelor students of Mechatronics, Material students, and Electronics to conduct their bachelor projects in Egypt and in Germany.

The vision of the laboratory is dedicated to the development of novel micro sensors and actuators for nano-scale measurement and control. It aims to develop a feasible solutions for Mechatronics applications in research and industry.(

The research groups and activities of ARAtronics Center include research with diverse academic backgrounds, such as (Texas Tech University, Health Sciences Center, USA), (Southern Methodist University in Dallas Texas, USA), (Collaboration research work with Prof. Hubert A. Aulich the founder and president of the SC sustainable concepts GmbH, Germany) and (Research Institute for a Sustainable Environment (RISE) at the American University in Cairo, Egypt).

The inauguration for the ARAtronics Center was on (May 16th 2016), in the international Day of light after exactly one year after Dr. Amir received his PhD from in the Opto-Mechatronics from Southern Methodist University, in Dallas, TX, USA in the same day (May 16th 2015).

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