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ARAtronics Research Center has a new website with a connecting research platform

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

ARAtronics pleased to inaugurate and lunch it's new website that will be the connecting platform for the whole research group wherever they are all over the world. The platform named, Connecting ARAtronicers Network (CAN) Platform will be based on the scrum agile methodology.

About the ARAtronics Research Center

ARAtronics Research Center (Applied-Science & Robotics Laboratory for Applied-Mechatronics) is a multi-disciplinary research and development center for the opto-mecharonics solutions. The typical Mechatronics systems are keen to implement a typical closed-loop feedback control for any automation systems. In the ARAtronics Research Center, we are developing extremely sensitive micro sensors and actuators could enrich the typical Mechatronics close-loop feedback algorithms in a very significant way. The importance of using these micro-optical sensors and integrated with the typical Mechatronics systems will open the door to introduce a new technology based on the opto-mecharonics devices. One of our goals is to integrate some of the optical components to the typical micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) to build a new devices that will be very fast enough to deal with the control feedback and automation signals because it depends on speed of light. We are focusing into the process of fabrication, and signal processing for these new smart sensors and actuators. Also, the integration with several applications in Mechatronics and robotics that used at any automated process will be part of our research not only from the analytical studies but also from the experimental and implementation point of views.

About our New Website

The new website will contains all the information from events, news and publications that would be conducted by the ARAtronics team. Also it will be an interactive platform for all the ARAtronicers who are currently working together in their research projects. This interactive platform named, Connecting ARAtronicers Network (CAN) Platform will open the door for all the teams who are working in the ARAtronics to work remotely and virtually all together from any where all over the world. The platform designed to satisfy the Scrum Agile Methodology algorithm.

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