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Torque Sensor

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Torque Sensor for Robot Joint Control

Cantilever beam for torque sensing and measurements used in robotics applications

Project Lead

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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Amir R. Ali 

Executive Deputy


Eng. Malek Mahmoud 

Project Members


Aya Elnahas, B.Sc. (2021)

Brief description for the project:

Measuring torque is highly required in many applications especially in robotics. Here is a new proposed technique to measure torque using a force sensing resistor (FSR). Bending sensor (FSR) can be mounted on a cantilever beam. Using the mechanics of materials concepts, the sensor can be bended as torque is applied. The beauty of the bending sensor; that is on shelf and cheap compared to other sensors. Hence, bending sensor can be used as torque sensor.

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Challenges of the project:

Using bending sensor for torque sensing is of great importance. The sensitivity of the sensor encourages us to use it. Try to enhance the sensitivity of the sensor by trying another cantilever beams with different material and/ or area moment of inertia.

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